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Possible Ballistic Missile Testing on the Fourth of July

Posted by melissakolonie at Jun 22, 2009 09:01 PM |

From Melissa:

An array of feelings emerges as the Fourth of July looms in the future. No, not because this is the Independence Day of the United States and many Hawaiians have ill feelings toward the government, but this is the day that the Japanese news media says North Korea may launch a ballistic missile toward our precious islands. Although antimissile interceptors are in place and there is a strong military presence throughout the islands, is Hawaii really ready for what the missile launch entails?

Many attitudes suggest that nothing will happen; some people believe a missile will strike Kauai, as it is closer to North Korea, others seem legitimately concerned of the possibility. Regardless of personal feelings, no one is to say if the launch will actually be carried out. The recommendation by the state is that a home should have a three-day stock of food, water, medicine and other essential items. So go to the store and stock up for a rainy (or nuclear) day. If nothing happens, then you’ll be ready for the next major storm or power outage.

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