Mauna Kea case -- Appeals Court Oral Arguments on Nov. 9 -- logistics and info for the hearing

Posted by Lauren Muneoka at Nov 07, 2011 11:37 PM |
Logistics and info for the Appeals Court Oral Arguments on November 9, 2011 on Oahu.

Aloha Ohana,

We are really looking forward to the opportunity to present our case on why we have a right to a contested case hearing on the Mauna Kea management plan to the Intermediate Court of Appeals.  The hearing is scheduled for this Wednesday, November 9th at 9 am at the Supreme Courtroom in the Judiciary Building in Honolulu (the one behind the King's statue).

It will be really nice to have lots of supportive faces in the audience, so please come if can.  This is a big case and huge opportunity for us.

I thought that since this might be the first time at the Supreme Courtroom for many people, including me, I should share some of the logistics and protocols that I have recently learned:

Location: 417 S. King Street. The courtroom doors will be opened by 8:45; the Judiciary Building is open at 7:45. Remember that APEC will be underway -- along with all the road closures and increased "security" -- so please plan extra time for getting to the courthouse.

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Hearing: starts at 9 am, should last only about an hour. It's 30 minutes for each side (since there are 2 defendants (BLNR and UH), they have to split the 30 minutes between themselves).

Security: No need I.D. to get in to the building, but there is a metal detector.

Dress code: Please dress your best

Special assistance: If you need assistance please contact the bailiff, Kurt at 539-4920 -- he's a nice guy

Sign waving: No signs will be permitted inside the court but people are talking about holding signs outside, so that everybody out there knows what a huge decision is going down inside.

Food/Drinks: No food or drinks are allowed in the courtroom

Media: The Judiciary does record all hearings, and that recording will be posted on their website by the end of the day, but they do not allow any pictures or video/audio recording

Parking: Best place to park is probably by the Palace across the street (metered parking, 2 hrs) or at Ali'i Tower (the ginormous pink building by the District Court -- the parking entrance is on Alakea between King and Hotel St. -- it's city rates, but you pay when you exit).

Lastly, as the Mauna Kea hui says, "What we do and how we conduct ourselves in the Court is no different than when we do prayerful ceremonies for our sacred Mauna--we ask that Aloha govern all that we do and ask the Akua to abide with us and to preside over the hearing so that all things righteous may be fulfilled according to the Heavens."

Let's plan to congregate by the King's statue after the hearing is over, so that people can talk about what just happened.

Mahalo for all the well-wishes and good lucks.  We'll let everyone know how it goes.

Me ke aloha,

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