Keeping our eye on the PLDC

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New law allows privatization and exploitation of public lands. The Public Land Development Corporation raises alarm bells for those concerned with protecting crown and government lands.
Keeping our eye on the PLDC

Sen. Solomon at PLDC Briefing

The 2011 Legislature passed Act 55, SLH 2011 (S.B. 1555, CD1) to establish a Public Lands Development Corporation (PLDC).  There is a lot of talk about what this law does and does not do -- and we are among the many scratching our heads -- but at least this much is clear:  watch this thing closely bumbai we get robbed.

This law is broadly written with no standards and specific exemptions from public process requirements and land use laws.  It allows a group of five men to decide whether to sell, lease, or develop Hawaii's long-coveted public trust lands -- regardless of many laws established over the decades to protect those lands and ensure transparency.  This law is ripe for abuse.

And while it may be touted as the magic ointment to soothe our economic pains, from the way key Legislators talk about it, this really just seems like another get rich quick schemes based on the same short-sighted principles of exploitation that got us in this current vat of hot kimchee in the first place.

On the Watch List: appointed members of the PLDC

Bobby Bunda -- Appointed by Speaker Say, ousted former Senate President, from Waialua; close to my heart (not!) for his efforts to criminalize homelessness.

Duane Kurisu -- Appointed by Senate President Tsutsui, a businessman, founder of Kurisu & Fergus development firm, and connected to Pacific Basin Communications (e.g. Honolulu Magazine). He's from Hakalau (so get hope.)

Guy Kaulukukui -- DLNR Representative and Deputy to DLNR Director William `Aila. Most recently from the Kohala Center (again, get hope there), before that he worked at Bishop Museum during the Forbes Cave quagmire.

Richard Lim -- DBEDT Representative. Former president of City Bank and various other equity investment firms. Also close to my heart for his declared distain for public process, rules, and laws, and --wait for it -- "undesirable elements".

Kalbert Young -- DBAF Representative. Formerly director of the Maui Department of Finance. He's known for opening the "County Store" at Maui Mall.

If this law were just used to renovate dilapidated public buildings and provide sorely needed upgrades to our inner-core urban areas, then this law could maybe actually be a good idea. But with the way it is currently written (sweeping powers with no accountability or standards) and all the legislative salivation over fishing lodges and beachside bathrooms, alarm bells are justifiably ringing.  I swear, at the last legislative informational briefing, one developer called up to testify actually said he "can't wait to start moneytizing public lands."  JEEPERS!  Sop up that saliva before you all slip and hurt yourselves!

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Concerned Citizen says:
Sep 25, 2011 07:05 PM

We need to post the list of politicians who cooked this up with Abercrombie and developers. Donovan Dela Cruz was part of this. It's like they don't have enough profit opportunites. Now these droolers can work their way into FREE public land to speculate, with the help of politicians and subversion of due process. Auwe!
jusmenu says:
Sep 13, 2012 07:57 AM
ACTS of the legislature (DeFacto Government..research this)) ARE NOT LAW and only get their power by the people's consent. Such Acts are acts of Treasonous and Unconstitional. Who gave these men the power to act in behalf of the People of Hawaii????
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