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From Miwa:

It’s no secret that we’re a small organization. We like to think of ourselves as “scrappy.” In the best possible ways. Grassroots up and down. It’s four of us, a little office in Chinatown, and a fridge covered in stickers. Together, we staff a membership of well over 5,000 people and campaigns ranging from the fight against military expansion in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, to protecting the poi we like to eat from genetic modification.

So, with this blog–we do our best! Our amazing graduate outreach and Hawaiian Language intern, Marion, finished up in late April, and, erm. We haven’t posted since. (We MISS you, Marion!) And yet, despite the lack of new posts, more and more people have been visiting this blog every day.

So, kala mai for the gap in posting. We’re back! This summer is going to be one of some incredible action! From court actions on Navy Sonar to amazing turns in upholding protections for the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands!

We appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this blog, and read every comment and every email you send. Mahalo piha!

And we’ll see you around!

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