Ask and we shall receive!

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Creative ways to give to KAHEA and support the effort to protect Hawaii's natural and cultural resources.
Ask and we shall receive!

The joys of fundraising

Over the past few months, we at KAHEA have worked hard to revamp our fundraising efforts. In this process, I came to a personal revelation: I *really* hate asking for money--something I obviously have to get over because this work apparently doesn’t pay for itself (not yet, at least). :) We also discovered that I’m not the only one with this aversion.  So, as we’ve grown together as a staff, we’ve slowly practiced casting our net--and you, our supporters have obliged in many ways we could have never imagined. :)

Here’s some of the awesome and creative ways people have chipped in to help the cause, and if I may say, it feels really good to know that people value the work we do! It is inspiring, rejuvenating, and an all-around good feeling to receive help -- in whatever form -- because it demonstrates that we are not alone in this struggle to protect what we value in Hawaii.

The plight for flights
We needed to get to Hilo for the contested case hearings this Fall on the TMT project proposed for Mauna Kea.  We were faced with 5 round trips that would put us out at least $1000 bucks! We are so grateful that an anonymous donor gave us 2 flight vouchers that helped to defray those costs. What was a small donation from the donor made a really big difference for us! We are always looking for flight vouchers so we can better serve our neighbor island communities. How about gas vouchers? Those would be amazing for our long drives out to Wai`anae.

Paying it forward
Our friends at Mililani Middle School held a book sale and sent us a check of their proceeds! We are so grateful for these kinds of gifts, not only for the cash which is helpful, but because it’s teaching opio about giving--that we don’t only put money to things for immediate gratification (a pizza party, let’s say) but also towards things that may take longer to come to fruition (protected resources!).

Sharing the bounty of creativity
- As previously featured, Hawane Rios graciously donated proceeds from her song “Poli`ahu i ke Kapu” to KAHEA. What an amazing, generous, inspiring idea! Well, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she sent us a really beautiful video to go with the song! Watch this video and then click here to download your very own copy of her song, and then email all your friends to do the same. :) 

-Auntie Johnnie Mae Perry, one of our Environmental Justice Working Group members, donated some beautiful jewelry pieces to us to sell.  Watch for these to beauties to be posted to our on-line store soon!

One man’s clutter...
- Stephanie Fried donated 5 boxes of old printer ink and toner, which we were able to sell for $450!!

Matching Gifts (like his + hers towels, but better)
One of our supporters sent us a donation check and a few weeks later, her company followed suit with a check of the same amount! I was blown away, I didn’t know such programs even existed. Does your company offer such programs? If not, would you be willing to do some research into how to set such a thing up?

So you get the idea, there is more than one way to give and all of them count towards to the effort to protect Hawaii’s natural and cultural resources, shorelines, streams, sacred mountain tops, and fertile lands for future generations.  Mahalo nui loa!
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